Focused financial management insight, expertise and guidance for growing SMEs

While you may know your QuickBooks from your Excel; your Xero from your Google analytics, it makes sense to let a seasoned expert provide you with experience-gained insights that can make a real difference when managing your growth plans. Built on long experience of working with growing SMEs, we bring you the financial management resources, insight and guidance you need to drive your business forward.

Preparing for growth

Maybe you’re looking ahead with a view to grow. Or perhaps you’re already on your way, possibly even caught by surprise as business has taken off. Either way, you are entering a critical phase in the life of your business - a make or break time for many. You may have started out flying by the seat of your pants, but now is the time to really get your financial house in order.

We bring a critical eye to your operation, working with you to identify and implement financial management KPIs – a critical yet often overlooked business growth must-do that is essential in setting yourself up for growth success. At the same time, your business structure may or may not be appropriate for your growth aspirations and could impact on your tax liabilities, risk exposure, compliance requirements and your ability to access finance. We can assist with identifying and implementing the most appropriate structure.

Getting your fundamentals in hand

Having the right cash flow and credit control systems in place is a vital part of controlling your cash position, which in turn improves your ability to scale and to attract or secure investment or finance. These systems are second nature to us, and we can ensure you’re up to standard with them as well.

Ensuring your systems are fit-for-purpose

Not all online accounting solutions are equal. What may have worked for you in the past may not be fit for purpose as your accounting requirements grow.

We can help you assess your current system and work with you to put in place a solution that will provide you the tools you need to stay on top of your record keeping, report generation and more.

Financing, EIS and more

Once your planning, financial management fundamentals and systems are sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to the finance and other growth-enabling considerations.

We can guide you through the pros and cons of the many financing options available, from self-funding through your own cash reserves – which requires careful management – to business grants, bank lines of credit and loans, and asset and equity finance. There is also the EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) which encourages investment by significantly reducing an investor‘s tax exposure.

We are also experienced in EMI (Enterprise Management Incentives), an effective and popular part of many businesses growth plans that is designed to ensure you retain your best people through a stake in the business.

R&D and tax relief options

R&D schemes and tax incentives also play a significant role in the growth of SMEs. Various tax reliefs are available that reduce your corporate tax liability . There are also R&D tax credits and the patent box, a programme that reduces your tax exposure on income generated from a patented product. IP protection goes hand-in hand with this, and we partner with IP experts for this reason.

Talk to us about how you can maximise your tax relief through these avenues.

Managing more employees

Hiring the additional staff will almost certainly be on the cards as you grow. Which in turn will lead to an impact on your payroll management infrastructure and compliance overheads, especially Auto Enrolment. We can help you sort the best solution for each of these.

Our dedicated cloud-enabled service removes the administrative burden of in-house bookkeeping whilst providing monthly or quarterly management reporting, enabling you to manage your business more effectively every day using accurate, real time information.

The In4orm system does a lot of the day-to-day bookkeeping heavy lifting for you. Use it to manage the submission of all of your VAT returns, corporation taxes, annual confirmation statements and year-end accounts. We provide you with a dedicated, fully certified chartered accountant to manage your account, available (during UK office hours) whenever you need guidance and support.

As you grow, In4orm grows with you, with additional services such as payroll, cash flow forecasting, budget planning and credit control components available as required.

additional Resources and partners


There are numerous routes available to finance your growth, each with its own unique complexities. We can assist in recommending the best option and work with you to prepare your approach.  


Along with standard growth financing strategies, there are also a variety of grants for growing businesses available from both government and other bodies. We have a good grasp of the options available and how to apply.


From IP protection expertise to HR management insights, sometimes the best accounting advice needs a legal perspective as well. We have both internal resources and valued partnerships in place for seamless service.


Marketing is a black art, and while it may come naturally to some, for many it is simply bewildering. Our marketing partners are experienced in helping all sizes of businesses realise their full potential.


3 optimised service packages

FinancIal Director

For focused business owners who want real-time access to the key management metrics so they can make the best business decisions based on the best quality information.

Finance controller

Invaluable quarterly reports to help you manage your business, general advice and we’ll even produce your year-end accounts for free.


For business owners who are looking to undertake their bookkeeping themselves using our recommended cloud based solution.

Subscription to your chosen cloud accounting software
Paperless expense processing
Posting all business bank transactions
Posting purchase invoices, expenses and cash transactions
Credit card transactions and reconciliations
Completing the monthly sales and purchase ledger reconciliations
Completing the VAT reconciliation
Foreign currency transaction adjustments
Maximise your tax deductions
Full management reporting
Debtor monitoring
Completion of VAT returns
Completion of annual accounts
Completion of Corporation Tax Return
Filing of Annual Confirmation Statement with Companies House
Monthly Tax Computations and planning
Quarterly online (‘virtual’) business review meeting
Dedicated qualified account manager
M - Monthly Q - Quarterly

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