"Acconomy have helped behind the scenes from conception to the thriving business we have today"

Apption Labs is an innovative technology start-up dedicated to developing smarter consumer products connected to the Internet and controlled by mobile devices.

The company was founded in 2015 between 3 co-founders with 30+ years of combined hardware and software engineering experience. The company culture allows progressive ideas, positive thinking, and innovation.

Apption Labs launched a Research & Development process to develop the product prototype before it formed a start-up product. 3 very successful Crowd Funding campaigns raising in excess of $3.5m gave them the collateral for mass production and later company operational costs.

The main brand ‘Meater’ is becoming a household name in many parts of world and through an intensive Social Media and E-commerce campaign has gained a staggering online following in the 10’s of thousands generating a multi-million pound revenue.    

Acconomy’s support

In addition to undertaking compliance related work Acconomy have been supporting Apption Labs from the beginning with the following services:-

·       Accounting set up and reporting using Xero and introduction to specialist app integrators to implement Cin7 connected Inventory Management System

·       Research and Development Tax Credit Submissions

·       Multi-jurisdictional VAT registrations

·       Implementation of HMRC approved EMI employee share option scheme

·       Patent Box advice

·       Appstack advice and development

Director Wen Nivala had this to say about Acconomy’s role in Apption Labs’ growth..

“Acconomy have been instrumental in helping us understand our accounting requirements,tax benefits available, how the business should be structured to incentivise employees through an employee share option scheme and what the consequences were when trading in other countries. Acconomy have helped behind the scenes from conception to the thriving business we have today”.  



1. Comprehensive Analytical Review
2. Competitor Benchmarking
3. Company Valuation
4. Credit Rating

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