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seed enterprise investment scheme

Business investors are often looking for ways to make tax-efficient investments. The most in-the-know investors will diversify their investment portfolios with at least one SEIS UK company or EIS UK company. So what are SEIS and EIS? SEIS stands for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. EIS stands for Enterprise Investment Scheme. These are schemes created by the UK government, which gives a tax break to investors. They get the tax break by investing in high-risk companies in their early stages.


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1.Investors get 50% relief on the invested sum (maximum annual investment of £100,000 for 2019/20 tax year. Option to carry forward into previous tax year provided that the £100,000 limit for that year has not been exceeded; investment must be held for a minimum of three years to retain this relief).

2. Investors benefit from 100% Inheritance Tax relief after two years (subject to holding for 2 years before passing).

3.    Investors get 50% Capital Gains Tax exemption for chargeable gains reinvested (up to the maximum subscribed).

4.    Investors get 100% Capital Gains Tax relief (provided income tax relief has been given and not withdrawn and disposal takes place after the end of the SEIS three year qualifying period)

5.     Investors get loss relief (a loss on shares disposed of can be set against an Investor’s income or capital gain to reduce tax).

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