When your goal is to become a leader in your field, financial data must be transformed into business management information.

When you seamlessly integrate your data streams to present your customers with a simple, flexible joined-up solution that gives them a “God’s eye” view of their business operations and enables them to adapt and respond to management issues on their own terms.

This is precisely what the formidable team from Squarelabs do through their Outreach suite of GPS data management tools. But they do more than that, as co-founder Andrew Haynes says:

“As professionals with years of experience in the geodata arena, we had become exasperated at the lack of clutter free, simple, usable management solutions that were genuinely tailored to the use case of the customer, and not just pay-per-byte revenue systems for the developers. We wanted to start a geo-data management revolution”

Haynes understands as specialists that if they were to truly achieve their own very specific information revolution, they would need insight and guidance in managing another very important set of numbers: their business finances.

In 2014 they brought us on board to work with them as they moved towards this goal. After consulting with them on what they wanted us to help them achieve, over that period we have not only provided accounting, tax and business advice that has been invaluable in helping them set and achieve their financial goals, we have also successfully engineered R&D tax credit claims on their behalf, providing a very welcome boost towards the goal of leadership in their field.

Having ourselves turned their financial data into useful business management information, today Squarelabs are providing solutions from individual location-based services, to security based 24/7 monitoring for local councils, enabling these and many other enterprises across the UK to manage their tracking and GPS data workflows.



1. Comprehensive Analytical Review
2. Competitor Benchmarking
3. Company Valuation
4. Credit Rating

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