Finding a specialist partner whose values align with your own is not always easy, but when it does happen, the difference it makes is significant.

While SaaS is now a well-established business model, there was a time of course when virtually nobody had even heard of it.

When Coherence Design opened for business in 2002, the World Wide Web was still (almost) hot off the press, and “Software as a Service” was a term touted by a few tech pundits without any real idea of where Tim Berners-Lee’s progeny was headed.

Even so, Coherence Design’s founder Graham Robson was already developing web content management systems and building advanced web applications. The potential was there, but the technology to make it easy was still very rudimentary.

By 2009 a lot had changed. Indeed, so much so, that with the right partner, even the most technical aspects of managing an SaaS web application solution was within the grasp of any savvy business person. This meant that Graham and his team were finally in a position to drive the Coherence Design in the direction they had foreseen 7 years earlier.

By 2010, they were looking for a partner to the provide the sort of experienced financial management and business guidance they knew they needed, and appointed Acconomy. This very much aligned with Robson’s guiding principle, “somewhere, someone already has a great solution - it's just a question of finding, assessing, and blending together the right components into a solution. Outsourcing as much as you can and concentrate on what you do or should do best - adding genuine value.”

For eight years now we’ve been able to facilitate this vision for adding value by carefully managing the business’s accounting requirements, including implementing our cloud-based delivery, and by providing insightful proactive management guidance year-on-year.

All this goes hand-in-glove with another of Graham’s guiding principles: “You don’t want to be worrying about the nuts and bolts - but rather the whole customer experience of your business… as an asynchronous extension of your relationship.”



1. Comprehensive Analytical Review
2. Competitor Benchmarking
3. Company Valuation
4. Credit Rating

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