Nigel Simmons

January 23, 2020

Executing your strategy

Many business owners and managers are familiar with the scenario - you arrange a strategy day with your team, capture the outputs and create a strategic plan. Everyone goes back to the office, the strategy paper gets filed and that is the last you see of it until next year’s strategy day.The hardest part of any business strategy is implementation.


Once you have created your strategy, you need to start engaging with your organisation. The communication process is key and needs to be two-way. You need to create a mechanism for people in your firm to feed back their view.


Once you have your feedback and have finalised your strategic plan, the next step is to start creating tangible objectives.


Each objectives should have a dedicated owner (who is responsible and accountable), a deadline and regular updates on progress towards each goal should be provided at, for example, a monthly meeting.

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