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Businesses all over the globe are bearing the brunt of the collapse of economic activity as we all grapple with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. You might be one of the many businesses who have temporarily closed because of the coronavirus lockdown. Or you might be soldiering on with substantially lower turnover.

How can we help?

Acconomy has partnered with Swoop Funding to support businesses effected by the coronavirus pandemic. This expert collaboration means that we can:

The below links will take you to the Swoop Funding website, specifically to the great COVID-19 resources that they have available. If you have an question please do not hesitate to give Acconomy a call
0330 1000 720

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ACCA accredited

We are accredited member of the ACCA, the global professional accounting body that promotes the highest professional, and are bound by their ethical and governance, standards.


From IP protection expertise to HR management insights and more, sometimes the best accounting advice needs a legal perspective as well. We have both internal resources and valued partnerships in place for seamless service


We have office facilities in a number of locations across the UK and can provide access to services as required.


Marketing is a black art, and while it may come naturally to some, for many it is simply bewildering. Our marketing partners are experienced in helping business in the UK and across the EU realise their full marketing potential.

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